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What Do You Need to Get a Private Investigator License?

For a long time, licensing wasn't even an option for private investigators in the UK. However, things changed in 2001 and now licensing is an option for those who want to work as private investigators. Although it's not mandatory to have a license, it's impossible to overstress the positive impact that a private investigator license can have on your agency.

Most people who have been operating without licenses for years are sceptical whether there are any real advantages to having a license. However, those who've gone ahead to apply for one can tell a different story.

Private Investigator Uk License Requirements

To qualify for a UK private investigator license, there are a few basic things that you'll need to check first. For starters, you have to be an adult to hold any license provided by the issuing body and you also need to have a right to work in the UK. This means you must be a citizen or at least have a working permit.

As proof that you have undergone the training you need to become a private investigator, you'll also need to have an IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators. You can only get this award after completing a course in an accredited institution and taking the required tests.

Beyond training, it's also important that those who hold private investigator licenses be upstanding members of the community. Because of this, a background check will be conducted on you to see if you have a criminal record and whether the nature of the record should have a bearing on the decision to grant you a license. It's also important for the license holders to be mentally fit since the job can have a negative impact on a person's psychological state. Therefore, it's possible that your medical history with regards to possible mental illnesses will be assessed too.

Where To Go For A Private Investigator License

To get your private investigator license, you'll need to go to the Security Industry Authority and begin the application process by setting up an account. At some point, you'll also need to go to the post office to have your identity verified, your photograph taken or even to pay the licensing fee with is £220 for a 3-year license. Once you do this, you'll just have to wait for the notification to know whether your application has been approved or not.

Why Is Having A Private Investigator License Important To You?

For modern private investigators, having a license is more of a need than an option. Members of the public have become accustomed to dealing with license-carrying service providers in almost every aspect of their lives.

Considering the fact that private investigators will be handling some of their most personal secrets, a license is, perhaps, the only assurance that clients will have that you'll carry out your work with the degree of professionalism required. Being seen as a professional is important because this is the kind of image that attracts more clients, especially those who really wish to keep their information private.

Beyond that, being a licensed investigator can also help in your interactions with other professionals in your field and the general public as well. A witness to a crime may not want to talk to every other person who comes around asking questions. However, being able to show that you're a licensed detective shows them that you're there in an official capacity.

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