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Over two decades of experience working in the investigation industry, offering the services of both male and female agents

Should you wish to contact us please do not hesitate to fill out this form with the requested information. Once you do that a private investigator (UK) will call you as soon as possible in the attempt to assist you in the best way we can. We always suggest our clients to acquire their free quote prior to making final decision of hiring us, as that will help you get a clear idea of your options and allow you to make your decision based on your budget and requirements.

Despite the fact that for most services we offer we request hourly payment, each case is different and sets different standards. At times the case might be more expensive than envisioned as a result of the equipment that we need to use or the number of people we need to employ. We know that every case has specific requirements and that the approach one solution fits all never works in this filed. That is why we try to customize our services for every case separately, thus the price can vary. To avoid any unpleasant situations the best thing would be to give us a call and help us make an accurate estimate of the service you need.

Apart from the estimate, contacting us can be useful as it can help us prepare better for your case. Some cases may require the usage of equipment we currently do not have so in order not to postpone or interrupt the investigation it would be good to know the details upfront. With the free quote we can also asses the risks we might be dealing with and calculate a contingency fee to make sure the budget remains within the estimate limit.

When asking for a free quote you can also include your special requests, if any, so we can address them on time. Since we have been working in this field for more than two decades we have experience in dealing with a number of different cases which enables us to understand how specific each case is. We understand that certain things can be easier to discuss with a female investigator as they might relate to the case better. That is why our company works with both male and female investigators, all of them with extensive experience and right set of skills. In the free quote you can share your preferences over the choice of the detective in charge of your case.

Free Quote

If you have never worked with a company providing similar services, or you have never worked with us, it is normal to be hesitant whether or not we are the right choice. To help you sleep better at night we are willing to provide you with our references upon your request. The main motto in our company is that things can be sorted only through communication and friendly approach. That is why we will be more than happy to give you references of the people who worked with us, so you can see what they have said for our services and the results we have delivered. The free quotation is the place you ask for references.

If you were not able to find the services you need listed on our website it doesn't mean we are not in a position to offer them. The best approach would be to contact us for a free quote and that will tell you everything you need to know about us. We always value our clients and we provide custom made services tailored especially for you.

We are an investigation company with solid reputation we were able to build based on the quality we provide. We always want to make our clients happy as that is the only recipe for success and the only way to be recognized by others. We work well and respect our competitors as we believe that fair play is what makes a company be successful.

We are aware that we work in a field that is very sensitive and it requires a lot of effort and hard work to keep everyone satisfied. For us the clients are not just people who hire us, but over time they become our friends and we treat them with the respect they deserve.

So call us today, call us now! Fill in your form and contact us for your free quote. We will go with you through every step of the process so you will know what to expect, how and when! We never make promises we can't complete which is why we never fail to deliver the expected results!