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How Much Does a Private Investigator License Cost Online

Thanks to advancements in technology, applying for a private investigator license has never been as easy as it is now. This is because you can now complete a significant part of the application process online and this makes things a lot easier for you. Naturally, there are certain costs involved in the application process for getting a license. However, the fact that much of the work is done online has reduced certain expenses.

The Online Application Process For A Private Investigator License

The Security Industry Authority now has a system that allows anyone looking to apply for a license to carry out most or all of the process online. Although there are many types of licenses that you can get from the SIA, the application process is more or less the same in each case.

The main steps involved are:

  • Launching SIA's website and setting up an account
  • Filling in a new application for a private investigator license and submitting it along with any required documents
  • Identity verification and payment is handled at the post office. You'll be notified when it's time to do this and you'll have to provide photos along with other relevant documents
  • Waiting for further communication from the Security Industry Authority. Additional documents may be requested at this point during which the SIA will also be conducting a background check
  • Receiving notification of the decision made by the SIA. A license card follows within 2 weeks of the decision if the request is approved. If the application is to be turned down, the applicant is given 21 days to respond first.

The above application process is only applicable if you're paying for your own license.

In case another party is paying on your behalf, there will be slight differences to the application process. For starters, when filling in your application form, you'll need to connect your account to the other party.

If the other party is an employer, there will be even more changes to the process. Employers can either use the license assist or license management system.

For those who use the license assist system, they'll be the ones to fill in your information and submit your application. Identity verification will still be done at the post office.

For employers who use the license management system, they'll be the ones to fill and submit your information and also the ones who'll verify your identity. Therefore, you'll be able to skip the step of going to the post office.

Cost Of Private Detective Licenses

When you apply for a private investigator license from the SIA, it will need to be accompanied by a payment of £220. This doesn't include any taxes relating to the payment. This application fee will only cover a 3-year SIA license. This is the standard cost and duration of almost all licenses issued by the SIA.

Therefore, you should expect to make a similar payment in 3 years' time. There are other incidental costs that you may incur in the process of getting your license e.g. printing any documents that are to be submitted in hard copy, transport to the post office etc. These will vary depending on specific circumstances.

Uk Licenses For The Security Industry

As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, the Security Industry Authority is the only licensing body for anyone performing a licensable role in the security industry. This includes those who perform these roles for or under a private investigator.

Licensable individuals that may work with private investigators from time to time include:

  • Vehicle immobilisers
  • Close protection service providers
  • Door protectors etc.

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