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Can You Work Under a Private Investigator Without a License?

For someone who's new to the security industry and even to some people who've been working in the industry for a while, the issue of licensing can get confusing at times. With certain roles being defined as licensable and others not having the same definition, not everyone knows whether or not they should be carrying a license. Additionally, there are certain roles where licenses are available but they're also optional e.g. working as a private investigator.

This means that those doing these jobs don't legally require a license. However, it's important to ask what this means for those who work under them.

Uk Requirements For Licensed Private Investigators And Others In The Security Industry

Although licensing isn't a requirement for a private investigator, licensing is still an available option for those who wish to enjoy the benefits that come with it. As a result, many private investigators have taken the necessary steps to become licensed such as attaining an IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators and applying for the license from the SIA.

In addition to doing all this, the SIA also has additional criteria that applicants for licenses are required to meet. These include:

  • Being an adult
  • Passing a background check which includes looking at criminal and mental health records
  • Having a right to work in the UK

However, in the security industry, not everyone who works under a private investigator is usually a private investigator.

Private investigation agencies frequently offer services such as:

  • Close personal protection
  • Key holding
  • Gatekeeping
  • Vehicle immobilization etc.

Under the rules of the SIA, many of these other roles require licenses for the operators and their immediate supervisors. Therefore, if you're providing these services under a private investigator, both you and the private investigator should have a license regarding that role. It's not enough for the investigator to have their own license. You can check the SIA website for the full list of licensable roles.

Why Would You Require A License?

As a private investigator, you may not need a license to carry out your job as a private investigator. However, if you also perform other roles in the security industry, having a license may not be optional but a legal requirement. You'll need a license for every licensable role that you serve.

However, whether or not having a license is a legal requirement, having one can greatly change how you do things. A license will make you look as a professional and give you a lot more authority as you perform your job. Being licensed can also make it easier to get a job.

Qualifications For Other Roles

The SIA has certain standard requirements for every license holder. However, there are certain roles that may have other requirements.

You may need other qualifications to get a license from the Security Industry Authority. However, even when qualifications are not a requirement to get a license, any extra skills or knowledge that you can get can have a positive effect on your work and career in private investigation.

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