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How Can I Get a Private Investigator License?

Getting a private investigator license in the UK is a fairly simple process. Since licensing is still not a requirement to operate as a private investigator, the criteria aren't as stringent as it could be. This means that this might be the best time to get your private detective license.

Many people, including those who already have established detective agencies, are rushing to get their investigator licenses now. This is because clients are expecting a greater degree of professionalism for the investigators they hire and being licensed is now part and parcel of that.

Where Can You Get Your Private Investigator License?

There is only one place that you get a private investigator license in the UK and that's from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This authority is in charge of issuing licenses for any licensable role that you may take on in the security industry. This includes private investigation.

Applications are sent to the SIA who then review the applicant and check their suitability for carrying an official license. The first part of the process of applying for an SIA license starts online before you head to the post office for identity verification, forwarding of other documents and even making the payment for the application.

Why Would You Need A Private Investigator License?

Although the law doesn't consider private investigator licenses to be mandatory, to many investigators, their licenses are one of the most important tools they have with them. A private detective license instantly identifies you as a professional who has been vetted and found worthy of the role by a government body. Compared to an unlicensed investigator, many clients will see you as someone that they can trust with their most intimate problems.

Having a license now will also make the process easier for you if the rules of the industry are changed and carrying a license becomes a requirement. Even so, you can still benefit from the other benefits you may enjoy at the moment from having a license such as being able to join professional associations with high demands from members. This can give you access to new clients who only work with private investigators of a certain calibre.

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