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Employee Background Check

Employee Background Check

Do YOU have any idea what is happening in your company when you are not there?

Can YOU tell which of your employees are actually doing their job and which of them are taking advantage of the fact that you are not there?

Do YOU suspect that someone might be stealing from you?

Well, our Detective Agency can offer you our employee background check services.

We offer many different types of employee background checks.

These can include; pre-employment checks, yearly employee checks, post-employment checks and many different options of how in-depth you would like the employee check to be.

Why Would I Need An Employee Background Check?

You would be surprised to learn how much money on average every business loses because the employees are wasting their time doing things they shouldn't be doing. This can be crucial for the success of the business and that is why it is very important for you to have information about the activities of your employees during the working hours.

You must be thinking what can the employees do during their working hours if not work?

Well during our investigation, we have come across a number of different things that employees would choose over working.

Here are examples of some of them:

  • They browse the net
  • They chat with their colleagues and waste their time
  • They work on their own private business from your office
  • They call the clients letting them know that they will be starting their own business

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These are just a few examples how the employees are not only wasting your money, but they are causing real damage to your business. The main problem is that it can be very difficult to prove what your employees are doing and without having evidence you can't accuse them of anything. This is where you need to let us assist you.

Our Private Detectives have many years of experience in working on this type of case and we would be happy to help. We can conduct employee background checks, including even an employee criminal background check and tell you everything you need to know.

These are some of the methods we use:

We monitor the incoming and outgoing calls / messages
We place bugs
We monitor all online activities
We trace their vehicle
We set up a surveillance team to gather information

Employee Investigation FAQs

Employee investigations can be carried out by conducting workplace investigations.

An employee investigation will take into consideration policies and procedures and the investigation process could result in disciplinary action.