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Digital Forensic Investigations

Does someone know about a private conversation YOU have had?

Have YOU noticed a new app or strange activity on your device?

You may have been hacked!

What Is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics services are a service in which our Private Investigators are able to gather, store, and analyse data from your electronic devices. Conducting digital forensics allows us to determine if there is any malicious or unexpected activity on your devices, from being hacked by a virus or spied on by someone looking to obtain private information from you.

Our cyber security and digital forensics are suitable for a number of situations. From a business competitor trying to access sensitive client information to a distrusting partner using software to track your activity, our digital forneics investigators are able to help you.

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How Is Digital Forensics Used In Investigations?

Our private detectives frequently conduct digital forensics for clients from all walks of life and we are proud to be digital fornesics experts.

You may be wondering "How does digital forensics work?", so the digital forensics services we offer include:

Bug Sweeping

If you believe that your home, office or vehicle has been planted with covert cameras or listening devices, our digital forensic investigator is available to attend the location and conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). At your location, we will carry out a bug sweep which consists of our digital forensics expert using specialised equipment to identify unusual frequencies. We will also conduct a manual search in areas and appliances that are common locations of bugs. Once any devices are identified, we will inspect them and explain to you what each device is capable of and how it is being used to spy on you. The devices will then be handed over to you.

PC/Email Forensics

If you have noticed unusual activity on your PC or laptop and are concerned that someone has hacked into your device, our IT forensics team are on hand to help. Depending on the situation, either we will come to you or your device will need to be sent to us to conduct forensic analysis. PC/Email forensics is one of our most technical digital forensic investigations and our team will use state of the art software and manual practices to identify where the hacking has originated and how it has happened. Our private investigators will also advise you on how to protect your PC or laptop from being hacked in the future.

Tracing Phone Numbers

If you need to identify the owner of a phone number and you are unsure of who it belongs to, our private detectives are able to conduct a reverse phone number search for you. This type of digital investigation will involve our digital forensic investigator using our private databases to establish links from the phone number. Once a preliminary link has been found, we can then conduct further manual investigations to attempt to establish information including a full name, date of birth, address and potentially more.

Recovering Deleted Text Messages

If you have lost important information from your phone such as text messages or emails, our digital forensics team may be able to retrieve this missing information. To recover deleted text messages, our PI agency will utilise specialist software in an attempt to roll back your device and identify deleted information that appears in your device's digital footprint. Our digital forensic investigators may also be able to identify other missing information such as photos and videos, so if you are unsure if we are able to help, please call us and we will advise you.

Video Investigation Services

If you have a video that requires enhancement of the quality, or if someone has posted a video of you online, our investigators can help you. A video investigation is one of the digital forensics services that we provide. We can either use specialist software to clean up video and audio, or we can look into the digital footprint of a video to attempt to find the person who originally uploaded it to the internet. Our digital forensics investigators will then carry out manual investigations to identify further information related to the individual.

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How To Become A Digital Forensic Investigator

Within the United Kingdom, there are many digital forensics jobs which require various levels of training. You may want to know how to become a digital forensic analyst or a digital forensic investigator, so you will need to conduct research into the courses available and what salary you may be expected to earn withing different roles.

Digital Forensics Course

There are many digital forensics courses available to train you to become a digital forensic technician. All our digital forensics experts are fully certified and continue to attend a digital forensics course so they are able to conduct digital forensics services at the highest quality.

If you are looking to attend a digital forensics course, there are many courses available such as free introductory courses at The Open University, online courses provided by independent bodies or univeristy courses.

Digital Forensics Salary

Within the digital forensics industry, there are many different skill sets of a digital forensic investigator which means the salary can vary. On average, qualified personnel in the UK digital forensic industry will earn a salary of £55,805. There are many digital forensics jobs available, therefore it is best to look through a multitude of job roles to establish the salary you could expect.

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