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DO NOT attempt to conduct surveillance on your own, many have tried and all of them have failed.


Well simply because they lack the expertise and the experience that our private detectives have.

At the end of the day...

...all YOU will manage to do is to get caught and the consequences can be very bad.

In addition, the person you are following will most likely become more careful and you will lose any chance of ever catching them in the act.

How Our Surveillance Services Are Conducted

In our company we only work with trained professionals that have experience and training for conducting surveillance. That is why they can never be caught and they will always deliver the evidence you need to end your problems.

In most surveillance cases, we tend to use more than one investigator, as that has proven to be more effective. Every private detective is equipped with a high quality surveillance system that can help them gather the information they need.

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This is what usually surveillance equipment consists of:

1  Video surveillance cameras with high resolution

2  Special devices that can convert audio and video signals

3  Surveillance cameras that can record form a very long distance

4  GPS navigation systems

5  Communication systems

This advance technology enables us to conduct the surveillance without anyone noticing our operation. Depending on the investigation we sometimes need to move even closer to the subject to record some conversation or to obtain solid evidence.

To learn more about the surveillance system and the investigations we conduct, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Surveillance Services

We would like to point out that every surveillance investigation we carry out is in line with all legal requirements. We tend to finish everything very fast, as that decreases the chances of rising suspicions. Moreover, the faster we finish the less you will have to pay us which is another benefit for you.

Apart from the personal surveillance system we have, we can also provide the following:

Vehicles - especially convenient if the investigation lasts longer than expected

Specific surveillance system - designed for investigations that are more complex

Experience our BESPOKE services with YOUR free 30-minute consultation!


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Over the years we have helped many individuals and companies to solve their problems. Here is an example of two most recent cases:

Case 1  Unproductive Employees

A company decided to hire us as they were suspecting that their employees were not doing the job they were payed to do. The employees were working in a far off warehouse but were not delivering the expected results. With our surveillance we have discovered that during the working hours they were spending most of their time chatting, rather than working. This helped the company discipline the workers and get them to do the work they were payed to do.

Case 2  Employee Theft

On another occasion we were called by a small shop owner who had noticed that many of the goods were missing and was suspecting that some of the employees were stealing from him. We set up our surveillance system and waited for the person with the sticky fingers to appear. It didn't take long before our camera was able to spot the intruder and film everything on tape. The owner was devastated to find out the identity of the person who was stealing from him, but it was something he needed to know.

If you need any help, call Private Investigators! With ours sophisticated surveillance system we will immediately take care of your problems!

Surveillance FAQs

The surveillance definition is the monitoring of someone or something to gain information or protect and observe. Using a surveillance camera or video, surveillance can be conducted.

Surveillance is overt or covert.


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