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Is It Hard to Become a Private Investigator?

Many people have imagined themselves working as private investigators at some point. The idea of being a problem solver who's always finding the answer to problems in resourceful ways appeals to many people.

Although fictional stories may have embellished the truth a little, the work of a private investigator certainly comes with its excitement, challenges, and problems to solve. Therefore, the big question is, how hard could it be for you to become a private investigator?

What Do You Need To Become A Private Investigator?

At the moment, the field of private investigation isn't too heavily regulated. A license isn't a prerequisite to becoming a private investigator and there are no minimum education requirements. Therefore, to anyone who is sufficiently motivated, the dream of becoming a private detective is definitely within reach.

There are a number of paths that you can take to become a private investigator including:

  • Apprenticeship: This means working under the wing of a private investigator for several years to learn the tools, methods, and tricks of the trade. Many private investigators operating today started off as apprentices.
  • Register for a training course: Registering for a training course is an excellent way to learn about the field of private investigation in a professional way. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can find out what you need to know to become a private investigator. The training course can also give you a more direct path to licensing.
  • Rely on Past Experience: People who have worked in law enforcement or the armed forces in the past can easily pursue a career in private investigation. Many already possess the skills and knowledge needed for the job.

Are There Minimal Entry Level Requirements?

Since licensing hasn't become mandatory for private investigators, there are no minimum entry requirements.

However, there are skills, experiences, knowledge, and resources that can be quite useful if you wish to become a private investigator such as:

  • Experience in law enforcement
  • A license from the Security Industry Authority
  • A driving license
  • Knowledge of how to run a business
  • Accounting knowledge etc.

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