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How to Become a Private Investigator After High school

Whether you've graduated from high school recently or you did so a while back, private investigation can offer you an exciting and rewarding career.

Many people have thought about becoming investigators at some point in their lives. This makes sense because working as a private investigator gives you an opportunity to solve mysteries, help people and work some very exciting cases. Even if you've just finished high school and don't have any work experience under your belt, this can still be a great career for you to get started on.

What Education Qualifications Do Private Investigators Need?

There are no minimum education requirements when joining private investigation in the UK. However, many private detectives will have a bachelor's degree and some certificates.

These are usually in fields such as:

  • Law
  • Criminal justice
  • Foreign languages
  • Information technology
  • Psychology etc.

What Kind Of Courses Do You Need To Take To Become A Private Investigator?

To become a licensed investigator, you'll need to take and complete an accredited course that will teach you the skills and knowledge that you need while working as a private investigator.

Private investigators can only be licensed if they have attained an IQ Level 3 Award for Private Investigators. Therefore, when taking any course, ensure that it will lead up to getting this certificate. These courses usually take several weeks to complete if you can dedicate enough time to them. However, you can also take the course more slowly or even at home if this is more convenient for you.

What Kind Of Training Do Private Investigators Need?

Private investigators are mainly tasked with the collection of information here in the UK. This means that they can't perform law enforcement duties. Therefore, their training will usually involve learning things like:

  • Learning surveillance techniques and equipment
  • Evidence collection techniques
  • Legal and investigative procedures etc.

Is Experience Necessary Before Becoming A Private Investigator?

Although experience has its advantages, it's not necessary for one to have experience to become a private investigator. Therefore, this is a great career path to get started on after finishing high school. If you decide to get some experience first before you become a private investigator, you can join law enforcement or the armed forces. However, there are other careers that can still offer you experience that's relevant for a private detective.

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