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How to Become a Certified Private Investigator

Certification is vital for any private investigator who wishes to operate at the topmost level. Although it's not yet mandatory in the UK to possess certain certificates before practising private investigation, there are several reasons why this is advisable.

With plans already underway to increase the regulations to do with private investigation in the country, it may soon be difficult to become a private investigator for people who don't have the right certificates at hand.

Benefits Of Certification

Becoming a certified private investigator can revolutionize how your work.

Some of the advantages you'll enjoy include:

  • Getting licensed: When you have attained an IQ level 3 certificate for private investigators, you will be able to apply for a license from the Security Industry Authority
  • Authenticity: As a certified and/or licensed private detective, your operations will be considered professional. This can be important if you're called upon to testify.
  • New clients: Just as with any business, certificates and licenses show potential clients that you're someone who knows what they're talking about and doing. This can be reassuring for potential clients who aren't sure whether to hire you or not.
  • Professional associations: Professional bodies such as the association of British investigators will require certain credentials from those applying to join. This will include relevant certificates. Joining this association can open many doors for anyone wishing to become a private investigator.

Where Can You Get The Right Certificates

If you wish to get a certificate in private investigation for the sake of licensing, you'll need to get the IQ Level 3 Certificate for Private Investigators. This certificate is issued only by Industry Qualifications. There are a number of institutions where you can study to attain this certificate. Examinations are done at regional exam centres once you've taken the requisite classes.

You should note that the certificate is not the same thing as a license. A license in private investigation can only be issued by the Security Industry Authority. Therefore, if you wish to be a licensed private investigator, you'll have to wait until you've gotten your certificate before applying to the Security Industry Authority.

Training For A Certificate

There are several institutions through which you can train to become a private investigator after which you can take the IQ level 3 exam. There are a number of regional exam centres where you can take the exam. However, you'll need to undertake a number of classes first before taking the exam.

The exam has two sections corresponding to the two broad areas of private investigation that are required by Industry Qualifications.

However, some institutions may offer training in additional classes to impart more skills to those who wish to become private investigators. The cost of training will be down to the institution but there is an examination fee that must be paid to Industry Qualifications before the candidate can sit for the examination. Those taking the examination are required to have taken a certain minimum number of guided learning hours.

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