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What Kind of Training Do You Need to be a Private Investigator?

Private investigator training is an important step in the route to becoming a good private investigator. A lot of people assume that since you don't need a license to work as a private investigator, you should start working as one immediately, with or without the relevant training. However, the work of a private investigator calls for certain skills that you'll need to be taught.

Additionally, you'll also require certain knowledge e.g. knowledge of laws, if you're to serve as a private investigator without breaking any laws. Private investigator training will provide you with all this.

Private Investigator Training Course Available

Because the industry of private investigation isn't as properly regulated as it should be, there are many different courses available. However, the industry standard training courses are those that lead up to an IQ Level 3 Award in Investigations. These training courses lead up to licensing, and this is an important distinction.

There are other investigator training schemes that lead to an executive diploma as well.

Investigator Training Providers

There are many institutions, universities and colleges that offer private investigator training. Frankly, it's easy for the budding investigator to become overwhelmed by the number of available training options.

However, there are specific institutions that offer courses that are highly recommended such as:

  • Association of British Investigators (ABI)
  • Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI)
  • United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN)

Whenever possible, you should only be trained by an institution that is accredited by major professional bodies in the investigation industry.

Are There Entry Requirements For Investigator Training Courses?

Most institutions don't have set requirements for those who wish to receive private investigator training. Because licensing is yet to become compulsory, there is no telling what will be required for an investigator to be licensed.

Therefore, entry requirements at the moment are still a little flexible, including the training requirements.

What Will You Get From Detective Training Courses?

Training to become a private investigator can cost you £700 or even more. Therefore, it's important for you to ask just what you'll be getting from this training.

If you're being trained in a proper institution, you'll learn:

  • How to serve people as a private investigator i.e. investigative tools and techniques
  • How to run your own detective agency
  • How to market your agency so that it's profitable
  • How to network with other investigators, both locally and internationally
  • Legal problems to avoid while working as an investigator etc.