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Do You Need Training to be a Private Investigator?

From a legal point of view, training isn't required for one to become a private investigator. Any random person can set up shop and start advertising their services. However, from a rational point of view, without training, it can be much harder for you to survive as a private investigator.

Since licensing isn't, yet, a requirement for investigators in the UK, neither is training. However, untrained investigators are finding it harder to attract a new type of clientele who are keen on hiring professional service providers.

How Can Private Investigator Training Help Your Career?

There are many ways that your career path can be different if you've been trained as a private investigator. These include:

  • Higher chances of getting employed: If you can prove you've acquired the skills needed by a PI, agencies and clients are more likely to hire you.
  • Better chances of career progression: A trained investigator might be more likely to get a promotion. Apart from the skills factor, it may not fit an agency's image to have an untrained investigator in a top position.
  • Additional skills: Investigation training can impart other skills that can help your career such as business management.
  • Fewer chances of litigation: In training, private investigators are also taught how to operate within the law. Without this knowledge, a private investigator can make errors that lead to prosecution.
  • Licensing: Without the right kind of training, licensing is out of the question

Do You Need Any Requirements To Train As An Investigator In The Uk?

There are no minimum qualifications required for anyone who wishes to train as a private investigator. This might change if licensing becomes mandatory in the future - licensing may have its own requirements which would invalidate any minimums set by a training institution.

However, for the moment, most institutions will accept any student. It's up to you to choose the best institution from which to get your investigator training.

Are There Training Requirements To Get Licensed?

Private investigator licenses are issued by the Security Industry Authority. Its required that any applicant must have an IQ Level 3 Certificate in Investigation. It's only possible to attain these qualifications after successful completion of a private investigator training course at an institution that's approved by IQ. If you intend to operate as a licensed private investigator in the UK, you should ensure you're trained at such an institution, otherwise, it may not be worth it in the end.

How Training Helps To Improve Private Investigator's skills

You may think that being a private investigator is something that comes naturally to you, and you don't need the training to become one. However, it takes more than investigative instincts to become an effective investigator.

For starters, investigative training can introduce you to skills and tools that will make the job easier for you. If you can finish jobs quicker, you can serve more clients. Secondly, training can offer you skills and knowledge in other areas that can boost your career as an investigator e.g. basic accounting, business management, legal aspects of investigation etc. These skills can help you to run your own agency and take on cases that require a specific kind of skillset.