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What's the Average Private Investigator Salary?

How much money do you expect to earn when you start your career in private investigation? The truth is, many private investigators have the potential to make a lot more money in this career.

However, in order to achieve this, you'll have to commit a lot of resources to ensure you possess the right skills. Although the average private investigator salary in the UK isn't as high as it is in other countries, there are factors that should be examined to see why you have the potential to earn much more.

Private Investigator Salaries For Different Tasks

The kind of tasks that a private investigator takes on play a crucial role in determining their salaries. There are private investigator cases/services that don't command a lot of money. This is because they are relatively straightforward, don't require special skills and are low risk.

A private investigator who specialises in such tasks will earn a salary that's around the average for investigators in the UK i.e. £23,754, even with experience. Additionally, an investigator who focuses on services that are usually requested by private citizens rather than business will earn a similar figure or lower. This because private citizens don't offer bulk work or pay the same rates as businesses.

However private investigators who specialise in specific areas may earn much more depending on the demand for their expertise. For example, someone who specialises in forensic accounting may be hired as an in-house investigator by insurance agencies or a bank.

What Is The Average Salary For Uk Investigators?

According to some sources, the average salary for Investigators in the UK is around £23,754. However, you should consider that there are investigators who operate with little training and no licenses. This kind of operation can hamper an investigators ability to earn. If you are dedicated to being the best investigator possible, you could be earning much more than the average.

Average Salary For Investigators At Different Skill Levels

An inexperienced investigator, even one with training, with nothing but the most basic qualifications will earn a salary of around £16,000 in one year in the UK. At this stage, the investigator is unproven and may not have any unique skills that set their work apart from the rest. As the investigator hones their skills, they can raise their annual salary to around £25,000.

However, what makes the biggest difference for investigators is acquiring additional skills. Investigators who take the time to further their studies and training will command salaries in the region of £50,000 per year. These extra skills will make them more valuable to their existing clients and also attract high-paying clients with an interest in these unique skills.

It's also investigators with these extra qualifications who are likely to be hired by companies and corporations on a fulltime basis. Investigators who have mastered their expertise can earn salaries as high as £100,000.