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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost to Catch a Cheater?

When you suspect your spouse of infidelity, what you need is a private investigator to bring you some actual proof that you can use to confront them or to use in a court case against them. Investigating potentially unfaithful spouses can be a straightforward matter or a challenging proposition depending on the exact circumstances.

All this will play a role in the private investigator costs that you'll be expected to pay for the service. How much do you estimate your infidelity investigation will cost?

Costs Of Infidelity Investigations

The private investigator costs in an infidelity investigation will depend on several factors:

  • Working hours: Private investigator fees vary depending on whether they are working during normal business hours or outside of these hours. Infidelity investigations often involve working outside normal business hours and even deep into the night and the cost of services is higher after-hours.
  • Location: If the agency you hire is in London and you need them to investigate a suspected infidelity in London, location isn't likely to be an issue. However, if the investigator will need to track your spouse down in another city or country, even the most cost-effective agency will charge you extra.
  • Equipment needed: Some infidelity investigations call for the use of complex and specialized investigative gadgets such as CCTV and hidden cameras or audio bugging equipment. This will cost you more than an investigation that only needs the use of a camera.

All in all, infidelity investigations have been known to cost as much as £2000. This is because private investigator costs for such cases are charged per hour and it normally takes up to one week to catch a cheating spouse.

Costs Of Surveillance

Although allegations of infidelity can be investigated through other means, surveillance is usually the most effective way to go about it. Surveillance will enable the catching of the cheater in the act and this enables the capturing of evidence that is irrefutable even in court. Matrimonial surveillance services can cost you anywhere from £45 to £75 per hour depending on your specific circumstances.

This doesn't include other incidental costs such as mileage, cost of attending court sessions, reporting etc. Be sure to check what is included in the quoted price and what else may show up in the final bill.

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The situation in any matrimonial investigation case is unique to it. These different scenarios give rise to different costs on the side of the investigator. Special equipment may need to be used or more than one agent may be required for the job. To get an accurate cost estimate for your case, please contact us.