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I wasn’t quite sure that I am ready to share my personal information with anyone. However, Private Investigators made everything seem easy. They were very cooperative, made me feel comfortable working with them and eventually helped me a lot. I would highly recommend the team of Private Investigators to everyone who is reluctant of cooperating with private investigators.

Ken Wright

I had an eerie feeling that someone was following me so I decided to contact Private Investigators. The entire team was extremely helpful throughout the entire investigation and they made me feel very comfortable and calm around them. I would always be grateful for their help!

Elizabeth Archer

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Private Investigator Callington

When in need of private investigations in Callington you should consider Private Investigator UK as your best choice. We have been providing the services in Callington for the last 25 years leaving a trail of very satisfied customers over the years. We train our private detectives in Callington on the importance of customer service o they handle you very professionally from the moment you walk in till the last minute when the report is handed back to you.

We handle investigations from simple tracking of vehicles and persons to the more complex checking of the trustworthiness of your employees in terms of their background and how they handle your customers. Our private investigators in Callington have adequate experience to manage any type of investigations work you may bring our way. Do not get stressed or worried for long, we are here to dispel your fears and settle your suspicions with uncovering the truth the best way we can.

Call now for a private detective in Callington to handle your needs professionally and with the greatest of discretion so no one can link the investigations back to you. Our private detectives in Callington are well equipped with the latest in technology making the job more accurate to the satisfaction of the client. This also allows us to offer very low prices for our services and considering the customization options we can get your work done very affordably.

Private Detective in Callington

Callington, is a beautiful small town situated around south east Cornwall, England. The town has a population of over 4,500 people and it is 6 miles away from the magnificent Tamar Valley. In the past, the town thrived as a mining town, but at present, its major industries farming and tourism. With a great culture and a wide range of operations taking place in this town, it is a great place to be at any time of the year.

Callington is a wonderful tourist destination as it has many historic and iconic structures (old clink, cotehele house, and St. Mary's church) that can be viewed besides its beautiful landscape. Among the most notable places in the town is the St Mary's church. The church was built in the 15thcentury at the centre of the town. The outstanding Celtic lantern cross in the churchyard, together with the ancient tombs of the Ayssheton and Willoughby families are very deserving to check out.

For those who desire to review further the history of this small town in south east Cornwall, there is a lot to learn. This includes several iconic structures to tombs such as the Tomb and Effigy of Robert Willoughhby. Robert Willoughby, the foremost Baron Willoughby de Broke, was one among many of the top commanders of the royal forces of King Henry VII oposing to the Cornish Rebellion in the year 1497. Such stories make this town worth visiting and really fascinating.

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