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If you suspect your employees of committing fraud or any other illegal or unethical activities and has no way of proving it, we are here with the private investigators in Runcorn ready to sort you out. Private Investigator UK is a firm that has gained experience with clients in investigations for the past 25 years and there is nothing so difficult for us, no situation is so insurmountable for our team of experts.

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Private Detective in Runcorn

Runcorn is an industrialized town and a port, with a population a about 70 thousand people. It belongs to the Borough of Halton in Cheshire, England. Runcorn stands on the southern bank of the River Mersey, where its estuary narrows and forms the Runcorn Gap. The A533 road goes through Runcorn and crosses the Runcorn Gap over the Silver Jubilee Bridge from Runcorn to Widnes, the town located just opposite to Runcorn.

The Silver Jubilee Bridge, also known as Runcorn Bridge, is a through arch bridge named in honour of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. The bridge's main arch span is 330 metres (1,082 feet); it was opened in July 1961 and widened in 1975-77. Now it is a designated Grade II listed building. Downstream of The Silver Jubilee Bridge stands The Runcorn Railway Bridge, which is a designated Grade II* listed building. It was built for the London and North Western Railway and opened in 1868.

Runcorn has a number of interesting buildings, and the Town Hall is among them. Built in 1853-56 as a mansion called Halton Grange, after being in private hands, in 1930s it was purchased by Runcorn Urban District Council. The Town Hall houses the local council ever since; also, it is used as a place for wedding ceremonies. Runcorn Town Hall is a designated Grade II listed building.

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