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What Jobs Do Private Investigators Do?

Have you ever wondered what private investigator jobs are all about? You may have seen or read about a fictional investigator at some point, but you probably had the good sense to realise that real life detective jobs are a bit different.

The differences between fictional and real-life detectives aren't just in the kind of detective jobs they do, the manner in which they operate is also quite different. There are also differences in how investigator jobs are carried out in the UK compared to how they are carried out in other countries.

What Services Do Private Investigators Provide?

Private investigators jobs are more diverse than most people realise. Some of the detective jobs you can expect from a standard investigator include:

  • Tracking down missing persons, including debtors
  • Conducting lie detector tests
  • Performing background checks
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Investigating internal theft in businesses etc.

Investigators who have undergone specialisation through experience or by acquiring extra qualifications may be able to work on other detective jobs such as:

  • Investigation of crime scenes and criminal cases
  • Financial auditing
  • Computer forensics
  • Insurance claims investigations etc.

Private Investigator Services In The Uk

In the UK, there are many detective jobs that people reach out to investigators for. There is almost no limit to the kind of job an investigator can take on, as long as solving the case doesn't involve the breaking of any laws.

Investigators have to abide by the Data Protection Act, and this means that as they go about their detective jobs, they have to be aware of the need to protect their clients' information. Investigators jobs cannot involve apprehension of individuals. Any detective job they do can only involve gathering information, not acting on the information i.e. enforcing the law.

Private Investigator Services Around The World

There are situations where private investigators jobs will extend beyond the borders of the UK. When doing such detective jobs, an investigator has to ensure that they don't break the laws in other countries as this can compromise the investigation and even lead to prosecution. Since investigators will often offer other services in the security industry, some of these detective jobs, e.g. close protection, may extend outside the UK. An investigator can also liaise with investigators in other countries if their detective jobs extend beyond the UK.

This is usually the case when the investigator job involves a multinational company or tracking down a missing person who may have left the UK. It's also important to remember that private investigators in other parts of the world may have different capabilities and limitations. This can limit or expand the scope of the private detective jobs they do.