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What is a Private Investigators Job?

Many people enter the field of private investigation without much information on what private investigator jobs entail. Many people are only familiar with stereotypic detective jobs. However, private investigator jobs are about much more than that, and for many people, private investigators are the only people they can turn to during difficult moments of their lives.

Normal citizens and businesses make use of the services of private investigators in many different ways. Do you have what it takes to take on these private investigator jobs?

Tasks Involved In Private Investigator Work

Private investigator jobs involve many different activities. A single detective job, if complex enough, may require an investigator to use the full complement of skills they possess.

Common tasks that you may carry out during a detective job include:

  • Surveillance: From theft investigations to infidelity, surveillance has become synonymous with private investigators jobs all around the world.
  • Going through public records: There is a lot of information in public records, and investigators may spend a lot of time sifting through these
  • Investigating crime scenes: Law enforcement officials frequently fail to investigate crime scenes thoroughly and private investigators jobs usually involve combing through these crime scenes for defence attorneys.
  • Investigating accident scenes: Insurance companies are the ones who may hire an investigator to do this
  • Interviewing people: This is usually important when tracking down a missing person or when investigating a crime.
  • Going through financial records: Many detective jobs will involve money at some point, and this will necessitate going through financial records.

Types Of Services Offered In The Uk By Private Investigators

The types of private investigator job a detective will take on will depend on a few factors, and their specialisation may be a key factor here. Some investigators choose to focus on specific investigator jobs, e.g. lie detector testing, and ignore all others. Some will offer every service they can possibly offer.

Common investigator jobs that investigators frequently work on include:

  • Carrying out background checks
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Marital investigations
  • Locating missing persons etc.

Businesses tend to look for detective jobs that are a little different when they need private investigators. These services include:

  • Due diligence - Prior to making major business decisions
  • Financial auditing
  • Background checks of potential employees etc.

The types of services offered can have an impact on the earning ability of the investigator, with investigators in the UK earning around £20,000 to £25,000 on average.

What Is Expected Of An Investigator?

When working on private investigator jobs, you'll come to see that there are certain characteristics that are quite important to you as a private investigator. Private investigators jobs involve a lot more than just investigating, and handling all this properly can make a huge difference.

Clients will expect you to be:

  • A problem solver
  • Determined to find out the truth in spite of the odds
  • Empathetic - when things get really tough for your clients
  • Patient - Some investigations take time to solve
  • Honest - Gathering information in an honest manner will avoid credibility issues in court
  • Discrete - Some detective jobs will be extremely sensitive, and the last thing clients will want is to end up as tabloid fodder.
  • Outgoing - Many investigator jobs will require the investigator to step out into the real world and deal with people. Etc.