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How to Find a Job as a Private Investigator

Once you've completed private investigator training, your next big challenge will be finding an investigator job. Although there are many jobs for private investigators, it can be challenging to find an investigator job that is a perfect match for you. This is why you should take your future aspirations into consideration during training and when attaining extra qualifications.

One thing that can make it easier for you to search for a private investigator job is knowing where to look. If you start off by looking in the right places, you'll be one step closer to finding a detective job.

Where To Look For Private Investigator Jobs

The internet is a great place to start looking for private investigator jobs. Job sites, specifically, can be a treasure trove of jobs for investigators even if you have no prior experience working as an investigator.

Most potential employers with an open position will advertise the private detective job on an online site. This means that as long as you check periodically, you're bound to come across a number of good jobs for detectives.

Aside from job sites, recruitment agencies can also help you to find a private investigator job. Many employers employ through recruitment agencies, especially ones that vet any applicants that pass through them. Recruitment agencies make the recruitment process simpler for employers and many are willing to pay for this service. Therefore, you should sign up with a few such agencies so they can reach you when a private investigator job is available.

How To Apply For A Private Investigator Job

If a company or agency has advertised a private detective job, they will usually advise on how applications should be made. Usually, you'll be required to submit a cover letter along with your resume. Some employers may have other requirements for those applying for detective jobs. Be sure to submit everything that's required in the manner stated.

In case you're sending a speculative application for a private investigator job, you should just send a cover letter and your resume. If the agency or company thinks they may need your services at some point, they'll keep your information on file.

Entry Requirements For Private Investigator Jobs

A private investigator with some experience can earn around £23,500 on average. However, before they can get that experience, they'll have to start somewhere. Entry requirements for private investigator jobs will depend on the specific needs of the employer. Some agencies will only require proof of having undergone training at a reputable institution, and other may want applicants with undergraduate degrees or a certain amount of experience performing detective jobs.

In case you don't meet the entry requirements for a particular employer, don't fret, there are plenty other detective jobs that you could be suitable for. Additionally, if you would like to work with a given employer at some point in your career, you can start elsewhere and get the experience, or you can spend some time getting additional qualifications to suit the investigator job of your dreams.